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A Few Words About Us

Kamdhenu Amrit Farm

Our 10-acre farm in Barwala located 25 km from the city of Panchkula. We provide a happy environment for each of our 50+ Indigenous cows to roam freely, without any undue stress. Our Farm team, who revere the cows as their mother, manages our farm as their own home making sure they are well fed and looked after. Since the immunity of our cows is extremely high, we usually don’t need the services of a veterinarian.


We firmly believe in the philosophy that “happy cows give healthy milk”. We give first priority to the calves by feeding them 25-50% of the milk and only when they are fully fed we start the milking process. All the cows, be it milking or non-milking are treated the same way and none of them end up in the streets. This entire process makes our milk ethical and cruelty-free.

Why Choose Us

What makes us different


Helps to keep blood pressure normal & Healthy heart.


Helps in digestion.


Improves intelligence and memory power. Good for nerves and the brain. Aids in overall brain health.


Enhances and improves eyesight. It helps to control eye pressure. Beneficial to glaucoma patients.


Lubrication of joint. Important for bone health. Builds strong bones.


Reduces Bad Cholesterol (LDL) Improves Good Cholesterol (HDL).


Helps in dry Skin and Dark Circles makes Glowing skin & cures hair fall.


Removes impurities from the body & strengthens the immune system.

WHAT MAKES US the best ghee in India?

Desi Cow Vedic A2 Bilona Ghee is the traditional healthy Bilona made Ghee, prepared by simmering the butter obtained from churning the cultured curd made from Pure A2 desi Cows Milk.

This method ensures the right balance of all fatty acids in our organic grass-fed Ghee.