Nature at its best

Kamdhenu Amrit farm, spread over 10 acres, is a diversified organic farm having year round access to grasslands with nutritive and medicinal grasses.

With acres of open land and most comfortable environment for our desi cows, the freshness and the feel of closeness to nature cannot be described in words.

Our cows love to graze in open pastures, freely walk around and rest under the forest trees in healthy fresh air.

How we take care of our cows

Our cows get wholesome grasses to eat every day, with our specially grown high-quality fodder.

Our experts ensure the right balance of nutrition for every cow. Fresh seasonal crops like carrots and beetroots are also fed to cows to make them healthier.

We never interfere with their natural instincts. Cows spend quality time with their calves every day. We follow only natural service with high pedigree Sahiwal bulls. We believe artificial insemination is against nature.

We ensure that our cows stay stress-free and exhibit their natural behavior. Only happy and healthy desi cows give the A2 milk comparable to Divine Nectar.


In our farms, we have built high ceiling sheds to ensure proper airflow. Large fans keep blowing sweet air to keep our cows in a well-ventilated place and help them live peacefully, without getting worked up in the heat. In our spacious sheds, cows have all the luxuries. Special measures have been taken to ensure cleanliness.

We believe that no mother should stay separate from her child. This is why, in our sheds, every cow lives right next to her calf.

The cows and their calves live together, in the sheds that have all the amenities for the cows.