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Desi Cow A2 Cream Ghee

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Desi Cow A2 Cream Ghee makes using method involves the separation of cream of 60 to 70% fat from desi cow milk by centrifugation process, fresh cream or cultured cream is heated to 114±2°C in stainless steel, jacketed ghee kettle. This kettle is fitted with an agitator, steam control valve, pressure and temperature gauges. A movable hollow stainless tube centrally bored for emptying out the contents or alternative provision can be made for tilting device on the ghee kettle to decant the product. Heating is discontinued as soon as the color of the ghee residue turns to golden yellow or light brown.

Usually, the first plenty of effervescence accompanied by a crackling sound in the preliminary stages of boiling but both gradually subsides when the moisture content decreases. When almost all the moisture is evaporated, the temperature of the liquid medium suddenly spurts up and care has to be exercised at this stage to control the heating. The endpoint is indicated by the appearance of second effervescence, which is subtler than the first one accompanied by the browning of curd particles. At this stage, the typical ghee flavor emanates and this indicates that the final stage in the preparation of ghee.